Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Unpaid payments are being sued by Chartered Land’s former CEO, Joe O’Reilly

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The CEO of Chartered Land, Joe O’Reilly, is being sued for unpaid payments.

Joe O’Reilly, the former CEO of Chartered Land, is suing his former company for unpaid payments.

The lawsuit alleges that Chartered Land failed to make a number of payments to its vendors, employees, and creditors. O’Reilly is seeking over $2 million in damages.

Background:O’Reilly was the CEO of Chartered Land until he was fired for not paying his debts.

Lawsuit:O’Reilly is being sued for $1.5 million in unpaid payments.

Defense:O’Reilly is arguing that he shouldn’t have to pay because the company went bankrupt.

Outcome: The outcome of the lawsuit is still pending.


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