Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Today, the Matchbox 1993 Ford Explorer will be available for purchase at Jurassic Park.

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Mattel has once again shown its disruptive nature. They have been considering a new Matchbox product after a series of spectacular Hot Wheels releases.

Even while it is not as well-known as Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra, the 1993 Ford Explorer that was featured in the film Jurassic Park is still a legendary vehicle in its own way.

The tagline for the project was “We spared no money,” and this SUV was intended to be a representation of the cutting edge of technology at the time.

It also guides guests around the park automatically. The triceratops escaped its confinement and charged the two automobiles.

It is rather humorous that Matchbox has published a damaged version of the Explorer, which was introduced in 2019.

Because of this, the fact that the model that we are examining right now also has the number “04” shown on the license plate is really useful.

Mattel released six Jurassic World Dominion Mix 1 cars, including the #05 Ford Explorer. I’ve seen the model for $5.

On the other hand, the upgraded version that will be available online in the next few hours will cost you $25.

At first look, the two models are easily distinguishable from one another because to the major differences, notably those that pertain to the rims and the color.

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