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The lady who poisoned her second husband with curry shopping.

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She was dubbed “Black Widow” after poisoning her spouse with curry.

Dena Thompson was released from prison after having served 19 years of a life sentence. She was given the opportunity to start a new life.

The renowned bigamist was released a month ago after being found not guilty of trying to kill one of her husbands and defrauding the other.

This occurred despite the fact that he had committed many adulterous marriages. This judgment has stirred up a significant amount of debate.

The woman’s husbands, who feel she should have died in prison, will be appalled to see her outdoors in the light.

Thompson was only seen wearing a cheap black anorak, jeggings, and a pair of Skechers shoes when he was seen roaming about with a Poundland bag.

After she had her beard grown out for some time, the few hairs that were left in her thinning beard were removed by shaving.

Even though she was missing her wedding ring, she was still sporting a shiny gold band on her ring finger.

In spite of the fact that she had been married before, Thompson tied the knot with advertising manager Julian Webb in 1991 after a brief engagement.

She tricked Mr. Webb into believing that she had cancer and need his $25,000 in order to pay for her treatment.

On his 31st birthday in June of 1994, she brought him a poisoned curry after she had already convinced him of her story.

The day after Mr. Webb died, Thompson asked when he would start getting his £36,000 death-in-service bonus.

After exhuming Mr. Webb’s corpse and seeing Thompson strike her third husband, Richard Thompson, Sussex Police put together the murder.

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