Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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‘Talking to another girl’ on Joe Swash’s stag do: Stacey Solomon breaks silence

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Discussing Joe Swash’s stag do and Stacey Solomon’s reaction.

Joe Swash completed his stag do in style and with a few girls by his side.

But, one girl in particular, Stacey Solomon, has been largely silent since the event. Joe spoke to OK! about why he chose her and what their conversation was like.

“I picked Stacey because she’s really pretty and I think she would be fun to be around,” said Joe.

“We talked for a bit about how our days had gone and then she said she needed to go before it got too late.
Swash’s friends discuss the night: What happened and Solomon’s reaction.

When Solomon Swash didn’t return home from his night out with friends, they began to worry.

What happened that night, and how is Solomon doing now? Here, Swash’s friends discuss what happened and offer their thoughts on Solomon’s reaction.

Solomon breaks her silence: Addressing the rumours about her and Swash.

Solomon has finally broken her silence, addressing the rumours that have been swirling about her and Swash.

In a candid interview, she admits that they had an affair, but insists that it was purely physical and that there was no emotional connection between them.

She also denies any allegations of wrongdoing on her part, insisting that she did not use her position as a lawmaker to gain advantage over Swash.

The future of Solomon and Swash’s relationship.


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