Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Sonya Lennon cautions her daughter about assuming.

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When Sonya Lennon’s kid begged for a second chance, it was terrible.

Having a 17-year-old daughter with acne, Sonya felt compelled to write a LinkedIn post about the experience she and her daughter had recently.

Her daughter was humiliated at a pharmacy in Ireland, and this essay, which has been viewed hundreds of times, explains her story.

Since she had been plagued by acne breakouts, a 17-year-old girl has been taking potent medication to help improve her skin’s look.

According to Sonya, “The side effects are particularly unpleasant and could include induced depression, changes in mood, excessive dryness, and nosebleeds.”

Throughout the operation, we made it plain to our daughter that she had the option to withdraw her permission at any time.

However, physicians urged her to continue the therapy despite the dangers because of the wonderful benefits it produced on her skin.

Dress for Success Dublin’s co-founder went on to say that “the impact on a foetus while on the treatment” is one of the most important and hazardous side effects.

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