Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Kimberley Walsh says that the emotional Girls Aloud reunion they didn’t get to play is actually a “blessing in disguise.”

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Kimberley Walsh, a phenomenal singer, gave an exclusive interview, in which she discussed the reason why she will not be attending the upcoming Girls Aloud reunion that will take place later this month.

Kimberely, 40, explained that her absence from the Race For Life will be a “blessing in disguise,” while other members of the iconic girl group are set to meet,in order to honor their former bandmate Sarah Harding, who sadly passed away due to breast cancer last year.

Kimberely’s explanation came as the other members of the iconic girl group are set to meet.

From Ibiza, Kimberley will be participating in the race in a virtual capacity.

She stated that “part of me thinks it’s a blessing in disguise because I’d be so emotional that I wouldn’t be able to set off on the run” if this had happened to her.

There will be a significant amount of family in attendance during these few days, as there are fifteen of us traveling.

I intend to literally just be there on FaceTime the entire time, the entire way around, and I will also attempt to document my entire run. I am confident that my sisters will run the race with me, and that they will provide me with support and help me get through it.

This will be the first holiday that all eight of the grandchildren are able to celebrate together.

My youngest sister has recently become a mother for the first time, and as a result, the children are very enthusiastic about celebrating their first holiday with all of their cousins.

The grieving mother of three explained that since Sarah’s passing, she is more aware than ever before of the significance of creating memories with those who are dear to her.

She went on to say, “You really do need to capitalize on these major turning points in your life.”


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