Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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John Delaney announces he’s a father during his mother’s funeral.

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John Delaney revealed the birth of his daughter during his mother’s funeral.

During today’s funeral services for his mother Joan, former FAI Director John Delaney delivered the news to the mourners in attendance.

John told people who were weeping that he had introduced his newborn daughter, Josephine, to his mother in May.

John took a flight from the United Kingdom to Ireland on Thursday in order to be there for his mother’s funeral at St. Michael’s Church in Tipperary Town.

His mother had a stroke the previous Monday, and she passed on the following Tuesday, the day after they had returned home from their trip.

According to the Irish Mirror, he cried throughout his mother’s funeral address. “She’s always there,” he remarked.

“Of course, I will miss her,” he remarked. “She was a wonderful person.” My life reached a turning point in Covid when I moved in with my parents for three months,

During which time I was responsible for handling her messages and stayed with them during the weekdays.

It was never a problem to get in touch with her over the phone. In May, Natalia and I were able to give her a warm welcome to her newest grandchild,

And it was a delight to do so. We had the pleasure of doing so. Josephine. As a direct effect of her happiness.

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