Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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In the show’s penultimate season, Better Call Saul replaces its unknown character with a new actor.

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Description:As an added bonus, here’s a brand new promo for the series’ final episodes.

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The casting for Better Call Saul is a complete shock.

Not Carol Burnett, but it should still be entertaining. For the series’ final few episodes, a new actor will play Jeff. In a flashback episode from season 4, you and Gene (Bob Odenkirk) meet the imposing cab driver played by Don Harvey, while Jeff seems to recognize Saul Goodman in hiding.

Gene, fearing that he had been noticed at the mall, panicked when Jeff confronted him and insisted that he use Saul’s catchphrase, “Better Call Saul.” This occurred in season five.

In a new trailer for the upcoming fourth and final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff, we get our first look of Jeff, who is being played by a different actor than in previous seasons.

You’re back in Jeff’s taxi, but the new actor voicing Jeff is Pat Healy, and it’s the daytime instead of the nighttime like the original ride that Gene took with him (who appeared with Odenkirk in The Post). Fans began making assumptions as a result.

Harvey, who has been in films like “Eight Men Out,” “The Thin Red Line,” “The Deuce,” and “Pam & Tommy,” has a pivotal part in the new HBO thriller “We Own This City,” written and directed by David Simon.

All About Saul, an Instagram account dedicated to the program Saul, was the first to disclose that he would be unable to return to the role due to a contractual obligation.

On July 11, the first of Saul’s final six episodes will air.


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