Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Dev confirms Goerli merging date, final update before Merge

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The Goerli merger needs node operators to upgrade both consensus and execution layer clients.

The Ethereum mainnet is about to move to a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. The years-long quest has ended with the final testnet merging to the Beacon chain.

Beacon chain launched Phase 0 of the three-phase PoS transition in December 2020. Phase 1 should be finished by 2021.

Due to delays and incomplete construction, it should be done by the third week of September. The changeover will be complete by late 2023.

Tim Beiko announced the Goerli testnet switch on Twitter. The Goreli testnet will join with Prater, and the united network will be called Goreli.

The testnet merging will be completed in two parts beginning Aug. 4 with the Bellatrix consensus layer update. 112260 will activate the Bellatrix upgrade.

“On Ethereum’s PoS network, an epoch is 32 blocks.”

In Paris, proof-of-stake will replace proof-of-work. 6–12 August for this phase. TTD 10790000 will upgrade Paris. After TTD, a PoS validator builds the next block.

Node operators must upgrade their consensus and execution layer clients for the Goerli merge. Testnet Merge clients were released.

The final testnet merging will only affect node operators and testnet participants; Ether (ETH) holders and stakers won’t need to do anything.

The testnet merge will be the final rehearsal before the Sept. 19 mainnet merge. Depending on the Goerli test net, the everlasting Merge date may change.

Ethereum’s PoS change is the blockchain’s biggest update yet. Using sharding boosts scalability and decreases transaction costs. Most scalability features are scheduled for 2023.

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