Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Apple has pre-ordered 95 million iPhone 14 devices to fulfill demand.

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There have been rumors of a new Apple iPhone 14 release date spreading on social media, which implies that the 2022 iPhone may arrive sooner than anticipated.

It was widely reported in June that the predicted Apple iPhone 14 will be released on September 13 (a Tuesday),

And this information was extensively disseminated. A fresh report suggests that Apple may launch the iPhone 14 on September 6,

The first Monday in September will be designated as Labor Day in 2022. One day after the holiday observed in the US.

iHacktu, a well-known leaker, had previously speculated that Apple will introduce its new iPhones on September 13,

With sales beginning on September 16. This was in accordance with his earlier prediction. On the other hand, later on,

Max Weinbach tweeted, “September 6th event” Weinbach acknowledges he’s “not 100% convinced” the iPhone 14 will be released on September 16.

Pre-orders might go online as early as September 16 depending on demand, and delivery could start as early as September 23. Both dates are subject to change.

In response to this new rumored release date for the iPhone 14, iHacktu has said, in relation to the September 6 date, “I don’t think.”

According to the same source, “something will happen on August 31,” and “Fans should keep a watch on the Apple website for something on September 7,”

Which are two of the further signals that have been supplied by this person. “Something will happen on August 31,”

The newly reported launch date of September 6 would come after this, which suggests that the new iPhones won’t be available until at the earliest on September 13th.

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