Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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According to the opposition party, Environment Agency budget cuts under previous Secretary of State Liz Truss “doubled sewage discharge.”

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Due to severe rains overloading the sewage system, pollution warnings have been issued for beaches and bathing locations throughout England and Wales, sparking a Labour Party probe.

According to an analysis of official figures conducted by the Labour Party, the discharge of raw sewage has more than tripled since 2016,

When it averaged 14.7 per overflow, it’s expected to reach 29.3 in 2021. This surge occurred in 2016 while the future Conservative Party leader led Defra.

She lowered the Environment Agency’s (EA) budget by £235 million for “efficiency” and eliminated sewage monitors by £80 million.

Liz Truss’ spokesman said the funding cuts are part of a “wider drive by central government” to reduce spending across all government departments and organizations.

If elected prime minister, the MP for South West Norfolk would “get a handle” on water pollution, according to a member of her team.

Jim McMahon, the shadow environment minister, offered an other point of view when he said, “Under the Conservatives,

Because of everyday water waste and the release of sewage into our rivers, our water system is already operating above capacity.

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