Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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According to the German government, a total delay of the nuclear phase-out seems unlikely.

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Robert Habeck, the German minister of economics, has said that the country’s three remaining nuclear power reactors would not likely have their operational lifespans extended due to the present energy crisis. However, he did say that one Bavarian power plant may stay running if necessary.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck said Sunday that keeping Germany’s final three nuclear power reactors active won’t assist the country’s energy situation.

During an open-door day in Berlin, Habeck said extending the life of the facilities, which are due to close by the end of the year, would save 2% of the gas utilized.

According to what Habeck, the Vice Chancellor, had further to say about the matter, this is “the incorrect decision given how little we would save.”

The minister said he was willing to extending the life of one of Bavaria’s nuclear reactors pending the results of an energy stress test.

In a few weeks, we’ll know how well the nation would do if Russia shut off natural gas supply this winter. Tests were planned for Russia.

Gas-fired power plants are the only option available in Bavaria, which while being a major industrial hub, does not have any coal-fired or wind-generated alternatives.

Angela Merkel introduced regulations in Germany after the 2011 Japanese nuclear accident. This legislation has helped Germany wean itself off nuclear power.

However, because the cost of energy has soared over the past year and tensions with one of Germany’s main suppliers,

Russia, have escalated, there has been a rise in the number of people advocating for the continuation of some nuclear plants’ operations.

There has been no indication that the government intends to reverse the position it took under the Merkel administration.

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