Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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These Groundbreaking Technologies Could Determine the Future of the iPhone

Apple's smartphone turns 15 this year. According to experts, technology like AI and lidar will determine its destiny. During the...

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A court has found that there is no reason for transporting children from England to Ireland without their father’s consent.

The Court of Appeals has ordered the return of two young children whose mother illegally brought them to Ireland. The two young children, whose mother...



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To the grey matter! On a yacht in Sardinia with her husband Chris Ivery, 52-year-old actress Ellen Pompeo relaxes.

Ellen Pompeo and her family had a boat ride in Sardinia as she looked absolutely stunning. In a white bikini, the 52-year-old actress lounged with her husband and friends. Grey's Anatomy star took a dive into the Mediterranean Sea. The actress took...

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